Generations sharing limos?

I’ve come around this thought process of how different generations do different things, have different interests, be around different types of people etc. But my curiosity is in observing generations coming together bar these differences.

This relates to an experience I had on the weekend when waiting outside in the city for my friend to arrive in meeting me for dinner. In the midst of my wait a flash shiny as all hell limousine pulled up right across the road from where i was standing. Now this thing was a beauty and literally looked fresh of the showroom floor (despite limos not actually available on showroom floors, you get the jist), and drew much attention.

No Limo, But it holds people and looks sweet

Like on offroad limo

What I noticed though as I was watching was the different generations of people who came out of the limo. Now generally speaking you would assume, well i assume anyway that although this isn’t completely out of the ordinary, but In my experience limos are used when young guys and girls are hitting a night out on the town, or older people perhaps attending a wine tour or some sort of business trip, perhaps fancy restaurant dinner.

Strangely enough, there were mixed generations pouring out of this limo. From young people who look like they had just reached adulthood, to middle aged men and women and then even elder men and women. Like i said it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary, as they could have been family or possibly all work together, but its just a sight i wouldn’t normally expect to see. I cant imagine gramps fist pumping in the limo to the surround sound and disco lights, nor see the teenager respectfully sipping champagne and talking about the olden days.

I wonder what their experience would have been like, maybe gramps has got some moves, or the teen have some old soul qualities, who knows. Perhaps generations are coming together more to share in experiences with different age people in a sense of a different experience all together.

Its funny when you look or think about these kinds of things how you notice them more often whether it be generations of people catching up for coffee, out shopping, perhaps out on the water together, or in a limousine. I do know however that i was envious of all them, would be a good experience regardless who you with.

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