Street Festival


Following the Perth Street Festival last night so many different generations of people were there from young to old. However, regardless of age everyone was there for the same reason, to be out on the festive street in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy a lovely day.

Everybody came together to listen to good music, to enjoy good food and to be around good company. From families with young children to the young teens to the oldies, everybody was happy to get around and be a part of the vibe.

It is quite good that certain events allow people to share with each other despite the differences in generations of age and be apart of experiences together. Last night in the festival a prime example of this occurred in a thing called the Dance of Freedom with many different people collaborating together under the space of a marque.

It essentially was a massive and open dance off where there was no judgement, no difference whether you were young or old. Everyone was there to shake what booty they had and have a good time having a dance.

I think it is a very good for people to come together especially young and old through such an open form of creativity. To express themselves, have fun, collaborate, dance and share the experience together as opposed to just being in each others presence.

Though together, there were till many instances where this was not the case. For example, many of the younger generations were spending most of the time and energy into the lining up for the alcoholic venues to listen to hip hop music. The oldies, however were more content to sit on the chairs and listen to some smooth jazz.

All generations thoroughly enjoyed the street festival, and I am sure many are looking forward to its return next year, both young and old.

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