Coming Together on the Floor.

A great place to come together with the family is strangely enough on the floor. Think about. Especially with Christmas coming up soon. Where do the presents get opened? On the floor of course, and on your soft plush carpet floor. Down low where everyone can sit comfortably on the same level and share love and gifts, smiles and laughter with each other.

It is a great place where people come together to lay and play with their animals such their dogs or cats, or something stranger like a turtle, (if you have one of those).

We can come together in a number of ways not just through outside catch ups, events or inside the house in front of the TV on the couch. Rather on the floor where we connect and are grounded to.

Another example using the outdoors is grass, and lying on it looking up at the stars, or perhaps on the beach on the sand looking out at the water,

There are really a number of places we come together on the floor where age doesn’t matter, height and size don’t matter. Its is a communal place and joining and sharing.

So remember this Christmas as you sit on your floor, whether it be on your soft carpet, tiles, floorboards or whatever it may be, know that it is a great place to be, to share in and to enjoy. Obviously make sure it is clean but hey that is a given.

Get your shoes off, get grounded and enjoy the feeling underneath you.


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