Capturing Collaboration

When different people of different generations come together, there needs to be a collective way of capturing these moments. Though this isn’t something that is new; it has been around for a long time, and the way I am reflecting and discussing these is through a photo.

Photos are an excellent means of collecting memories and moments into things that can be looked back upon and reflected when generations have truly come together. From the family with granddads with their grandchildren or with people on the street, photos with friends that are older or younger and social groups that have older and younger people.

Taking photos is certainly a great way of reminiscing and capturing moments as they can be looked back upon any given time to remember certain events, places, people, things or situations. In addition to making great gifts, they can be shared and loved by all.

Photos are becoming an increasingly popular thing from the days of minimal photography and capture. Now photography covers things such as your food and yourself at any given time, any given place, anywhere wherever you are, regardless of what you are doing.

Many ways photographs can be captured through includes a professional camera photographer, through yourself with a phone or a GoPro, or perhaps something more fun such as a photo booth.

Booths are great; everyone collectively gets and has photos taken for them all together. Generations can come together especially at family events whether it be a wedding or a party including photos of mum, dad, children, nephews, aunties and grandparents altogether.

Have some photo fun with these machines. Becoming a hit for events they are perfect for capturing moments of fun and playfulness rather than serious smiles all of the time.

In addition, everyone gets to be in the photo as no one needs to take it. These photos captured and created will then be determined by their process. Do they remain on the memory stick of the phone or camera, do they get printed out and given as gifts or put around the house, or deleted.

We don’t show and share as many photos as we collect. But it ultimately just means we reflect the ones that are most valuable and appropriate to us.

Regardless it’s a great way for generations to come together. Whether being an event catching a limousine know, going out to a concert, a work gig, a wedding, a party or just in general out and about.

It is wise to keep photos, capture, share and show different generations and different people smiling and laughing together in a picture perfection.

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