One, where generations can come together which can also be unexpected, is in the garden.

I speak with this one from experience gardening with my grandmother over the past couple of months. Because the backyard or gardening is something that does not hold particular interest dependant upon the age. It’s certainly a place where young and old people can come together to join in and create some lovely life together. To plant some flower, prune some trees and make some beauty within the beautiful soil space that a garden is.

I shared with my grandmother many stories of each others lives learning more and more about each other as I pulled weeds, pruned trees and watered various parts. Helping her out to keep her precious looking garden in a high state of order that is always is in.

We had a great time together getting our hands and knees dirty in a sense of meditative single pointed focus state that gardening so pleasantly gives you in it is because of this feel many people enjoy gardening,.

From roses to cherry tomatoes to wall creepers and sweet potato, lemon trees, cactus and so much more. The garden offers such an extensive range of products that can be used and manipulated to suit a particular way and present the garden the way you wish. Whether you use a sand base a soil base of perhaps spome local Perth mulch support like wood chips there is many options to choose for your satisfaction.

With generations coming together o share in these experiences and interests much collaboration sharing and love can end up being expressed, and it can truly be like the gardens themselves a beautiful experience had by all.

I look forward to the day of getting back out in her garden and continuing to create some great masterpieces of work and make the sunflowers shine.

Gardening another generation together outlook, one that may not be for everyone, but is one certainly for many.

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