Australia Day

Last weekend was Australia Day, a public holiday each year for everyone in Australia to have the day off, celebrate Australia and being Australian and enjoy you on this day.

Most people congregate around a pool or down at the beach, generally where there is cool refreshing water. Friends and families get together and celebrate the time with each other, sharing food, drinks, stories, love and laughter.

Generations come together. With parents and their children spending time together or the extended family comes around. Perhaps an adolescent pool party that the oldies refuse to miss the fun of and join in whether it is to assist or to party.

The party I attended to had many different generations together. From the young kids who played in the shallow end of the pool under the watchful eye of their parents, to the young adults of my age, to the parents of friends hosting the party with their friends also all around.

It was a hit of a day, great music thanks to the hottest 100, with quality speakers, plenty of ice for drinks, a sausage sizzle, 2 pools, shaded areas, beer pong, great people and an all-around great day.

I’m sure wherever you were for Australia Day, you would have enjoyed yourself, and I am sure many people of different generations and cultures came together to make the most of the public holiday.

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