Why you need your family?


Yes, I know you’re a geek and that you think family’s got nothing on you. But come to think of it, you came from them.


By now, it should be a cogent and widely accepted fact that while the world doesn’t give a fuck about us, our family does but hell no! Well, that statement there is not totally true though, but for most part, it is, if you still have your family intact.


Our Families form and/or carve out the basis for our existence. If they’re not, we would probably not be. Even if we’d be, we won’t be as this.


Ever before we were able to choose those who could influence our lives, our families have done without taking any permissions from us. In fact, most, if not all of our demeanor are from our family.


I for one, used to be a weird kid. I barely call my mom in a year, but as I grow up, I discovered that being a geek could have better been put out to strangers but not our families.


If on earth, anyone won’t have our time, our family should. This is because, after it all, we’ll still fall back to them. I know how it feels to think you can do without your siblings, but if you’re truthful enough, just a year will teach you you’re living a bored life without them. Your family are the only sets of people who can punch you in the face and still smile back at them. They are a source of warmth, pleasure, joy, and many more to us.


I once said, “take away my siblings from me, and you’ve successfully killed me,” yes, it’s that bad. Let it be with you too! You should put a call through to them from time to time.


Are you feeling weak? Call your mom.

Are you hungry and your sister’s in the neighborhood? Then call her! (It would be nice to have her come around and cook for you, you know?)


You shouldn’t be a recluse for ever! Cheer up, man!



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