The Ancestral House

An ancestral home can be a treasure. It could have memories of generations of people in your family. It could be a large heirloom, the sort of thing that’s passed on and loved from parent to child. However, an ancestral home is also a huge responsibility.


Ancestral homes are such because they’re old. They’ve been around for years, perhaps decades. That means that they’re out of date in terms of construction standards, and perhaps even materials. This may seem like a negative thing, and it is, but there are associated positive elements too.


One of the reasons old houses have survived so long is that they were built to last.


Modern housing techniques are prettier and sturdier, but less durable in the long term. They’re not built to survive more than a decade, maybe two if you’re lucky. In contrast, an older house is built on the assumption that the family buying it will be living there generation to generation.


This means that while there are maintenance costs, they’re not as temporary. Every window cleaners Perth, every carpenter you call in to fix something, every piece of insulation you replace is upkeep for a home that is built to last.


Older houses and the property they’re built on also tend to accumulate value over time.


If the structure is well-maintained and problems addressed, it can fetch a huge profit if you choose to sell. This is even if you factor in any costs associated with maintenance. Lots of people like old houses because they know they’re built to last, so you also have a built-in market.


There’s also the matter of aesthetics.


Most modern homes are sleek in design. They may vary in look, but there are recurring subtle elements. This ties into how they’re built. It’s all mass-produced parts assembled together.


Ancestral homes are different. They’re old, and every piece and part is crafted by master artisans. These aren’t mass-produced parts, but pieces individually made by people who took pride in their work. It speaks to a bygone era and one that has an intangible quality that can’t be replicated.


Each old home is an individual work. There’s nothing out there exactly like it, other than a deliberate attempt to copy it detail for detail.


If you’re into having a one-of-a-kind home, there’s nothing like an ancestral house to handle it. Sure, you might not want to alter too much to personalize it, but that’s because it already has a good dose of personality on its own.

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