Australia Day

Last weekend was Australia Day, a public holiday each year for everyone in Australia to have the day off, celebrate Australia and being Australian and enjoy you on this day. Most people congregate around a pool or down at the beach, generally where there is cool refreshing water. Friends and families get together and celebrate

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One, where generations can come together which can also be unexpected, is in the garden. I speak with this one from experience gardening with my grandmother over the past couple of months. Because the backyard or gardening is something that does not hold particular interest dependant upon the age. It’s certainly a place where young

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The latest generation together event, i have just been to, was the Southbound Festival in Busselton WA. It was a fantastic weekend for two days of the sunshine, music, people, food, camping, fun, play, laughter, late nights and dancing. Many at the venue had an incredible time, and the overall vibe was epic. There were

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Capturing Collaboration

When different people of different generations come together, there needs to be a collective way of capturing these moments. Though this isn’t something that is new; it has been around for a long time, and the way I am reflecting and discussing these is through a photo. Photos are an excellent means of collecting memories

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Coming Together on the Floor.

A great place to come together with the family is strangely enough on the floor. Think about. Especially with Christmas coming up soon. Where do the presents get opened? On the floor of course, and on your soft plush carpet floor. Down low where everyone can sit comfortably on the same level and share love

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Street Festival

Following the Perth Street Festival last night so many different generations of people were there from young to old. However, regardless of age everyone was there for the same reason, to be out on the festive street in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy a lovely day. Everybody came together to listen to good music, to

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New Blog

Welcome to my New blog. In this ill be talking about generations, their differences, and whether they are together in similarities or whether we are apart.